Outdoor Wedding Precautions

The younger generation pursues simple and exquisite small weddings, and even more yearns to hold a wedding ceremony. If you can hold a continental romantic outdoor wedding on the green grass in the sun, it is believed that many girls dream of it. thing. However, outdoor weddings are more important than indoor weddings. From picking venues to arranging and color matching, pre-marriage snacks, etc., pay attention to every detail to make the wedding more perfect, create a moving time, unforgettable memories.


When choosing an outdoor wedding venue, in addition to the environmental atmosphere, facilities, location and transportation, it is also necessary to consider the arrangement time required by the florist and the arrangement staff. If the wedding flower pavilion and background layout are relatively large, it will take more time to prepare and clean up. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for the use time of the venue, whether it includes the site layout and the scene after the ceremony to avoid additional charges. There is also the number of guests who can be accommodated after the venue is arranged, so as not to cause too much space or space for space. If there are too many invited guests, it may be necessary to reduce the size of the layout to make more space for the viewing chair.


When designing the outdoor venue layout, first set the theme, and communicate with the florist, designer and venue consultant to express your favorite style and color, in order to create the ideal outdoor wedding for the newcomer. The green lawn is decorated with flowers, styles and balloons, and is matched with white, pink, pink, light yellow, light blue and other colors. The overall environment is more harmonious and more integrated with nature. In the floral arrangement of the wedding reception booth, the wedding table flower, the reception desk, the signboard, the viewing chair, the cake table, etc., avoid using bright red and too dark color to ensure the coordination of visual effects. If the outdoor venue is large, you can add a European-style white tent to bring out the romantic and elegant flavor.

Pre-wedding snacks

Outdoor wedding venue rental packages mostly include snacks and drinks before the wedding, and entertain guests. If you choose a food delivery service from a catering company outside the venue, you need to ask if they will provide a meal banquet. The texture of the wedding begins with the details, and there is no need to pay attention to the types of snacks and drinks. When the weather is cold, prepare hot drinks such as hot cocoa and hot ginger tea for them, and feel more at ease. Newcomers can also learn whether the invited guests are sensitive to food and whether they need to arrange special snacks for them. This makes them feel more considerate and attentive.

The Weather

Weather is the primary factor affecting outdoor weddings. It is best to avoid the rainy season and choose a season with a relatively stable weather. However, the weather changes often come suddenly, and we must consider the countermeasures in advance before we are caught off guard. In case of rainy weather, in addition to the beautiful layout and the wedding reception desk, pay special attention to the placement of the audio equipment. If the rain gets wet, you need compensation. Therefore, it is necessary to first understand whether it will provide indoor venues for use in rainy days, and whether additional charges are required. It is also necessary to prepare a shelter and an umbrella, and the sound equipment is placed in the shelter. If it is drizzling, providing guests with transparent or beautiful rain, the overall picture of the umbrella looks beautiful.