The Perfect Flower Bouquet

A flower bouquet is a symbol of bride’s happiness, nobleness, purity and elegance. When the bride takes the flower bouquet from the groom's hand, it means that the couple promises to take each other’s hands for better or for worse, and grow old together; while the throwing of flower bouquet implies that the bride is passing on her happiness and blessings to the bachelorettes. A perfect flower bouquet not only brings out the natural beauty of the bride, but also adds sweetness and happiness to the whole wedding.

The flower bouquets come in many different shapes, sizes, flower types and colours. The primary consideration for picking the right flower bouquet is the type of occasion. For example, in a church wedding, the colour of the flower bouquet should be white. If an outdoor wedding is held, the shape of the flower bouquet can be more creative, and more colourful flowers can be used. That said, the colours and shapes also depend on the theme and style of the wedding. For example, the European-style bouquet goes well with a bride wearing long trailing wedding dress, as it highlights her nobleness and elegance.

The flower species and colours of the flower bouquet should match the overall theme colour. The three most popular flowers for the bride are roses, hydrangea and gypsophila. Each flower has a unique meaning, aroma and flowering period. Rose symbolises love; pink roses represent love and care; and white roses means innocence, purity and respect.

Hydrangea signifies hope, unity, eternity and loyalty, and comes in many colours: white, blue and light purple, making it one of the most popular flowers in weddings as flower bouquets.

Gypsophilia have beautiful snowflake-like flowers and can make other flowers in the bouquet stand out. The pink gypsophilia represent happiness while the purple symbolise purity. However, it is worth noting that white gypsophilia carry a negative meaning and should not avoided.

As for the shape of the flower bouquet, round is the classic, as it is simple and elegant. It generally consists of two or three kinds of flowers.

The hand-held flower bouquets are popular in recent years. These bouquets are typically irregular in shape, have fewer flowers and more green than their round counterparts, which are suitable for the brides who prefer outdoor weddings.

Another type of hand-held flower bouquet is one that is adapted from the traditional flower bouquet. It has a round shape and is tied with a ribbon, a cloth or a pearl chain, resembling a small handbag. The size of this bouquet may be even larger than the traditional round flower bouquet, and is suitable for contemporary weddings, such as outdoor weddings.