Unforgettable Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a gathering of prospective brides and bridesmaids before marriage, a practice originated in the West with an aim of offering gifts and blessings to prospective brides. It is an event in which the girls who have grown up together through thick and thin, and selflessly help you prepare for your wedding, come together at a pre-wedding party to have drinks and heart-to-heart talk about the good old days.

Most of the bridal showers in Hong Kong are carried out at home. Usually, a hotel suite is preferred because the room is more spacious and comfortable, and the location and transportation are more convenient. Want to hold a wonderful and unforgettable bachelorette party? First, choose a theme for this party, then set the style of clothing. It is not necessary for everyone to follow the same style, but it is best to be the same color. Whether it is sexy sleepwear or nostalgic, retro clothing, give a little thought on dressing up, because the photos you take with all your BFFs (Best Friends Forever) will create wonderful, long-lasting memories.

Then for the decorations of the hotel suite, hang a string of flags bearing the name of the bride or special hydrogen alphabet balloons to form the name of the bride to highlight the bride. Add other large and small balloons either floating in the air or resting on the ground, and lightbulbs of different colors to make the whole space lively and pleasant. Each person can also wear a bracelet and a headband made of lace and flowers to enhance the whole atmosphere.

It is no party for girls without desserts! Order a special cake for the bride, supplement it with exquisite snacks and desserts such as cute cupcakes and chocolates with cute patterns on them. Add in some colorful tableware, small candles and small ornaments, as well as the champagne, red or white wine that the bride and bridesmaids love to drink, and you have a fantastic-looking table with great atmosphere!

The mini-games in the party can make everyone more engaged and united. This helps to create more joy and memories. Through playing mini-games such as balloon-blowing competition and rock–paper–scissors, everyone can relive the good old days. After the games, send a thoughtful gift to the bride with all your blessings.

Lastly, do remember to hire a professional photographer to capture all the precious moments. If you want to keep this private, then you will need to prepare a camera on a tripod. Although this will be slightly more time-consuming, it will be a piece of very nice shared memory. Prepare some props and play around with them while shooting. This will help bring out the most lively, lovely and natural smiles.